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Why ‘Find me Leonard Cohen, I’m Almost Thirty’ is a book I love and lust for

Okay, so there are a few poets in this world who are good at describing everything that came out of the Lord (or what I usually understand as existence). Energy, if we have to keep physics in the equation. It could be anyone: Keats, Blake, Dickinson, Ramanujan or anyone else. They have been really good, I mean really good, in trying to be the best and trust me when I say that some of them are good. They’re either dead or alive, and the students of the education system of any country can place them on the list of classical, modern or post-modern poets. They’re good and we all know that, but then there’s Cohen, who’s neither good nor bad at describing what we see and chose-to-not see around us. No one can/should use any adjective for him. He just exists – with everything, in everything, by being every single component this world is made of, and that’s how we should approach him.

Find Me Leonard Cohen, I’m Almost Thirty” by Amit Ranjan is the book I love and lust for because I can see the Cohen I know in it. One can never claim that he/she is a Cohen lover because then he/she has to forget everything – not because Leonard Cohen wanted to see his lovers without anything/anyone but him, but since there’s no other way to understand him other than his poetry, we have to forget everything that’s going on around us just to know him (knowing > understanding) through the poems that are going to feed on us.

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