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Wilmington-shot NC horror film The Black Phone could be box office hit

If the trailers that have been released for “The Black Phone” are any indication of how scary and anxiety-inducing the Wilmington-shot horror film is, well, best of luck navigating your future nightmares.

“The Black Phone” was shot in and around the Wilmington area in January 2021, and it gets a nationwide theatrical release on Friday, June 24, after being pushed back from an original release date in January of this year.

It stars the Oscar-nominated actor Ethan Hawke (“Boyhood,” “Training Day,” the “Before” trilogy with Richard Linklater) being cast very much against type as a serial killer of children known as The Grabber.

“Y’all are not ready for how terrifying Ethan Hawke is in this film,” tweeted Wilmington-based horror journalist Michelle Swope.

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