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Wimbledon: “It will be a special tournament, where you can expect anything”, warns Marc Rosset –

Without the Russians or the Belarusians, but also without points to reward the athletes, the 2022 edition of Wimbledon starts Monday in a special context. Marc Rosset, RTS Sport consultant, tells us about it, while also mentioning Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or even Serena Williams.

Roland-Garros, Rafael Nadal’s infiltrations and Iga Swiatek’s domination barely digested, all eyes are already on Wimbledon, whose 2022 edition begins on Monday, with its share of questions, including the sanction of Russian athletes and Belarusians, as well as the absence of points, which could change the face of the tables. On the eve of kick-off, Marc Rosset, RTS Sport consultant, offers his always relevant view of a tournament he likes to follow. Tennis followers have suddenly gotten carried away in recent days, presenting Matteo Berrettini and Hubert Hurkacz as serious title contenders, but aren’t we going to witness a Novak Djokovic-Rafael Nadal battle for the coronation as often?

MARC ROSSET: That’s a very good question…! Basically, I also wonder about it, because this 2022 edition will certainly not be like the others. Sanctions against Russian and Belarusian players already mean that a Daniil Medvedev, who could have annoyed everyone, including Djokovic, will not be able to defend his chances… There is not a plethora of title contenders either. But it will be a special tournament. Without points, will a player still fight if down two sets to nothing? This is one example among others of all the questions we can ask ourselves… Frankly, I expect everything in this tournament…

Without points, will a player still fight if down two sets to nothing?

Marc Rosset, 1992 Olympic champion and RTS sport consultant There are certainly no points, but the prize-money remains substantial…

MARC ROSSET: Yes, but are athletes going to fight for money when there are no points? In my time, that would never have been the case. Afterwards, it’s true that we are in another generation and I don’t necessarily know how this one reasons… Back to Djokovic… He is clearly one of the favorites of this tournament, but he seemed to draw physically in the quarter-finals of Roland-Garros, which seemed surprising…

MARC ROSSET: I’m not sure it’s on the physical level that he drew. I rather believe that his problem was mental. He missed big matches, including those he could have had for example at the Australian Open, to be ready to face Rafael Nadal in a quarter of this importance in Paris. He didn’t have the ideal approach and preparation. These big matches in 3 winning sets, you have to have them in your legs to play them better. At Roland, Djokovic had swings in concentration, holes that seemed to me more due to mental factors than physical. Rafael Nadal has finally decided to appear at Wimbledon. Did that surprise you too?

MARC ROSSET: Yes, because after Roland-Garros, I really thought he was going to cut and rest. But her treatment apparently worked beyond her expectations. It will be interesting to see what he can do in Church Road.

It’s not Wimbledon without Roger Federer that’s special, but tennis without Roger Federer, period, that’s not the same.

Marc Rosset, RTS Sport consultant

Marc Rosset, 1992 Olympic champion and RTS sport consultant A Wimbledon without Roger Federer, which remains something special for us…

MARC ROSSET: Ah, but you know, it’s not a Wimbledon without Roger Federer that’s special, but tennis without Roger Federer, that’s not the same! So yes, we often link “Rodg” to this tournament for all that he has brought him, and vice versa, but he has won titles, made finals and semifinals several times in the other three “majors”. . So for me, Melbourne, New York or even a Roland-Garros without Roger, it’s not the same story… And among the ladies, should we expect to see Iga Swiatek “as big as a house”, she who has been crushing everyone for weeks?

MARC ROSSET: On clay, it is unplayable. For me, Iga Swiatek is the feminine Nadal. On grass, it will be something else. His lift will not have the same effects. So it will be more complicated for her. As much as it is unplayable on crushed brick, I don’t see it taking everything in its path on other surfaces. For me, it’s very open in the ladies.

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