Lakeland Couple Tells Tale of Having to Give Birth to A Child They Knew Wouldn’t Live!

In a heart-wrenching narrative that sheds light on the complexities of reproductive rights and healthcare access, Deborah Dorbert’s journey stands as a testament to the challenges faced by families in the wake of devastating diagnoses.

Deborah Dorbert, alongside her husband Lee Dorbert, embarked on a painful journey when they received the devastating diagnosis of Potter Syndrome for their unborn son, Milo. Despite knowing the inevitable outcome, Deborah courageously carried Milo for 37 weeks, enduring physical discomfort and emotional turmoil throughout the pregnancy.

Potter Syndrome, a rare and life-threatening condition characterized by the lack of amniotic fluid and impaired kidney development, presented an insurmountable challenge for the Dorbert family. The toll of witnessing their child’s suffering, coupled with the anticipation of his brief life, cast a shadow of grief over their household.

As Milo’s birth approached, Deborah grappled with the agonizing reality of knowing that her son’s time in this world would be fleeting. The physical pain endured during labor was compounded by the emotional weight of saying goodbye to a child they had cherished and loved even before his arrival.

Lakeland Couple Tells Tale of Having to Give Birth to A Child They Knew Wouldn't Live


Despite the Dorbert family’s hopes for a different outcome, Milo’s passing just 94 minutes after birth left an indelible mark on their lives. Their journey through grief and healing underscores the profound impact of reproductive choices on individuals and families, highlighting the need for compassion and support in navigating such profound loss.

Deborah’s advocacy for a proposed amendment, aimed at protecting the right to abortion until viability, reflects her determination to spare other families from similar anguish. By sharing her story and speaking out before Congress, she amplifies the voices of those who have endured similar experiences, advocating for greater understanding and access to compassionate healthcare.

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In the aftermath of Milo’s passing, the Dorbert family continues to grapple with the emotional and psychological repercussions of their loss. Their plea for support underscores the critical need for comprehensive healthcare services and resources to aid families facing similar challenges, emphasizing the importance of empathy and solidarity in times of profound sorrow.

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