Newsom’s Wife Says Strong Things About California’s Main Business!

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of Governor Gavin Newsom, took aim at the tech industry during the Milken Institute Global Conference, criticizing major firms for their failure to address social media addiction and mental health issues among young people. Speaking at a conference typically attended by tech leaders, Siebel Newsom accused the industry of prioritizing capitalist interests over the well-being of children.

She highlighted the industry’s resistance to California’s Age-Appropriate Design Code, a law intended to safeguard children’s online privacy and safety, which has faced legal challenges since its signing in 2022. Siebel Newsom emphasized the need for legislation if tech companies fail to be more transparent and proactive in addressing these issues.

Newsom's Wife Says Strong Things About California's Main Business


Siebel Newsom’s comments come amid legislative efforts in Sacramento to regulate the tech industry, including a bill that would impose significant financial penalties on social media platforms for negligently harming children. The governor’s office echoed Siebel Newsom’s sentiments, urging the tech industry to prioritize child safety over profit.

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In an interview following the panel, Siebel Newsom characterized tech companies as the “Wild West” and stressed the importance of protecting vulnerable children from the negative impacts of social media. She cited her own experiences as a mother and expressed concern over online bullying and the addictive nature of social media platforms. Siebel Newsom also called for accountability from tech executives, contrasting companies like Pinterest, which have implemented voluntary safety measures, with those resistant to change.

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