Shocking News: Grandma Says Dad Accused in 6-Year-Old Son Treadmill Death Tried to Blame Mom!

The trial of Christopher Gregor, a 31-year-old New Jersey resident, has captured the attention of the nation as he faces charges of first-degree murder and child endangerment in connection with the death of his 6-year-old son, Corey Micciolo. The heartbreaking case revolves around allegations that Gregor subjected Corey to horrific abuse, ultimately leading to his untimely demise.

The courtroom proceedings have been fraught with emotional testimonies, none more poignant than that of Gregor’s mother, Carol Gregor. With tears streaming down her face, Carol recounted the harrowing phone call she received from her son on April 2, 2021, the fateful day Corey passed away. In a state of panic and distress, Gregor vehemently accused his ex-partner, Breanna Micciolo, of causing harm to their son. His frantic cries of “What did she do to him?” echoed through the phone, leaving Carol shaken to her core.

Shocking News: Grandma Says Dad Accused in 6-Year-Old Son Treadmill Death Tried to Blame Mom

The events leading up to Corey’s death paint a grim picture of neglect and abuse. Corey exhibited alarming symptoms earlier that day, including slurred speech, nausea, and difficulty breathing. Despite these red flags, Gregor delayed seeking medical attention for his son until late afternoon. By the time Corey was rushed to the hospital, it was tragically too late. Medical professionals worked tirelessly to save him, but Corey succumbed to his injuries at 5:02 p.m.

An autopsy later revealed the extent of Corey’s suffering, with findings indicating blunt force trauma to his chest and abdomen, as well as lacerations and contusions to his vital organs. These injuries bore the hallmarks of chronic abuse, casting a grim shadow over Corey’s short life.

Shocking News: Grandma Says Dad Accused in 6-Year-Old Son Treadmill Death Tried to Blame Mom


In the weeks leading up to Corey’s death, disturbing incidents of abuse came to light. Shocking video footage showed Gregor forcing his young son to run on a treadmill at a local gym, relentlessly increasing the speed until Corey fell multiple times. This egregious act of cruelty was reported to child protection authorities by Corey’s mother, sparking an investigation into Gregor’s abusive behavior.

During Corey’s final moments, Gregor’s absence from the hospital spoke volumes. As medical staff fought desperately to save Corey’s life, Gregor was nowhere to be found, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and shattered lives in his wake.

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Now, as the trial unfolds, the prosecution seeks justice for Corey, advocating for Gregor to face the full extent of the law. With the possibility of a 30-year to life sentence looming over him, Gregor’s actions serve as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence and child abuse. As the courtroom drama unfolds, the nation watches with bated breath, hoping for closure and a semblance of justice for Corey Micciolo.

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