Disney to Stop People Who Lie About Being Disabled from Going to Their Parks Forever!

Walt Disney World Resort is implementing stringent measures effective May 20 in Florida and June 18 in California. This crackdown targets guests who falsify disabilities to exploit the system and bypass queues, threatening them with lifetime bans from Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Under the updated policy, individuals caught providing false information during the DAS enrollment process face severe consequences. Not only will they be permanently barred from the parks, but they also risk forfeiting any previously purchased passes, tickets, and other park products.

The DAS program itself provides a vital service to individuals with disabilities, including those with developmental conditions like autism, by offering virtual queueing opportunities. Participants can secure spots in line remotely and wait elsewhere until their allocated time, ensuring a more manageable experience within the parks.

Disney to Stop People Who Lie About Being Disabled from Going to Their Parks Forever

However, recent reports of abuse have prompted Disney to take decisive action. As part of the enhanced measures, guests seeking enrollment in the DAS program will now undergo virtual meetings with healthcare professionals affiliated with Inspire Health Alliance. These professionals will assess the individual’s eligibility for DAS passes, ensuring that only those with genuine needs receive access to the program’s benefits.

Furthermore, existing members of the DAS program will undergo reevaluation to prevent ongoing abuse and maintain the program’s integrity. This proactive approach underscores Disney’s commitment to providing fair and accessible experiences for all park visitors while deterring dishonest behavior that undermines the system’s purpose.

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The decision to implement lifetime bans reflects Disney’s dedication to protecting the rights and experiences of guests with disabilities, ensuring that they can enjoy the parks without facing unfair advantages from dishonest practices. By taking these steps, Disney aims to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for all visitors, upholding its reputation as the “happiest place on Earth” while safeguarding the principles of fairness and accessibility.

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