Marjorie Taylor Greene Still Fighting Mike Johnson Despite Failed Attempt to Remove Him!

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene made it clear that she and fellow Republican Mike Johnson still have a lot of differences when she talked about her failed attempt to remove the House speaker earlier this week. Wednesday was the day that Greene finally brought her long-awaited motion to leave to the floor. She wanted to get Johnson out of there as a speaker. The motion was voted down by 196 Republicans and 163 Democrats, which was a huge defeat.

But she couldn’t get over it in an interview with Fox News on Sunday when she said Mr. Johnson “was owned by the Democrats” because his party decided to protect him.

Rep. Greene said on Sunday Morning Futures that people are “fed up with Republicans who will not defend President Trump.” Brtiromo asked Greene if her efforts to get rid of Johnson were caused too much “disruption” too close to an election when Republicans will be trying to hold on to a slim majority in the chamber.

The Georgia politician replied that “the disruption, the chaos, and the drama” she was bringing to Capitol Hill was already a normal part of the daily life of most Americans. This was a reference to problems she says are caused by Washington’s failures.

The congresswoman also said that before she filed her motion to vacate, she had asked Mr. Johnson to “defund Jack Smith.” Mr. Smith is the special counsel for the Justice Department who is in charge of investigations into Mr. Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election and how he handled secret documents. That’s not something the House leader can do.

Ms. Greene also said that the GOP would not be able to take back the House in November unless they “proved to the American people that we’re worth their vote.” We haven’t shown that so far under Mike Johnson.

This is just one of many things Greene said that the Biden team is likely to use against Republicans. Early on, a Democratic National Committee account quickly shared a clip of her Fox interview with the words, “Marjorie Taylor Greene: Republican voters are saying they’re going to skip our names on the ballot.” They’re not likely to vote for us.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Still Fighting Mike Johnson Despite Failed Attempt to Remove Him

The fight between Ms. Greene and Speaker Johnson has been going on for months now. She said in January that she would call a vote to remove her as speaker if he brought a bill to pay for military aid to Ukraine, which he did in April. That bill passed last month with backing from both parties, though more Democrats than Republicans were in favor of it.

Even though few Republicans supported her, the Georgia lawmaker kept trying to get rid of Mr. Johnson by herself, and on Wednesday, her efforts came to a head.

In contrast to the process that got rid of former Republican speaker Kevin McCarthy last fall, Democrats voted for Mr. Johnson across party lines because he was willing to bring the Ukraine vote to the floor even though the right wing of his party was against it. The chamber voted 359–43 to throw out her motion without a vote or time for discussion. This is called “tabling” the resolution.

“I appreciate the confidence my coworkers showed in me to defeat this misguided effort,” Mr. Johnson said after the attempt to remove him from office. “Right now, the country needs Congress to work more than anything.” Even radical and right-wing Republicans turned on Ms. Greene after she tried to get rid of her.

Nancy Mace, a Republican who backed getting rid of McCarthy, said, “We need to get our act together” before Greene did what she did this week. “She’ll lose.” The numbers aren’t there, so I don’t understand why she’s doing this. It’s not a good idea for her to file a move to vacate because she will lose it.

Dusty Johnson of South Dakota joked, “One dumpster fire at a time,” when a reporter asked him if the caucus would punish Greene after the move to vacate. At this point, the congresswoman is still criticizing the speaker, even though former President Donald Trump doesn’t want her to. Trump has stayed the de facto leader of the Republican Party.

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Mr. Trump has now made it clear more than once that he did not back Ms. Greene’s attempt to remove Mr. Johnson as speaker. Recently, the former president and Mr. Johnson met at Mr. Johnson’s Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. There, they revealed a bill that made headlines to fight the mostly non-violent problem of undocumented immigrants attempting to vote in presidential elections.

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