Riding the Distance: Venice Cyclists Pedal Their Way to Georgia!

The Pedaling Pelicans of Pelican Pointe, a tight-knit biking community hailing from the sun-soaked city of Venice, recently expanded their horizons beyond the familiar Florida terrain. In a bold move that stirred excitement among its members, the group set its sights on the captivating beauty of Georgia’s barrier islands for a multi-day cycling expedition.

From the 14th to the 17th of April, seven enthusiastic couples from the Pedaling Pelicans embraced the spirit of adventure as they pedaled their way through the enchanting landscapes of Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. Each twist and turn of their journey revealed new wonders, from the soft, sandy shores that stretched endlessly beside them to the lush forests that whispered tales of centuries past.

Their itinerary, meticulously crafted to encompass both natural splendor and historical significance, led them to a host of notable landmarks along the way. Among these were the storied Horton House, a tangible link to Georgia’s colonial past, and the revered Georgia Sea Turtle Center, where the group paused to marvel at the efforts to conserve these majestic creatures.

Riding the Distance: Venice Cyclists Pedal Their Way to Georgia

For history buffs among the Pedaling Pelicans, the journey held an added allure as they explored the hallowed grounds of Fort Frederica National Monument, a testament to the region’s military heritage. Meanwhile, the evocative exhibits of the World War II Museum and the iconic St. Simons Lighthouse provided poignant reminders of Georgia’s place in the annals of history.

But the adventure did not end there. Three intrepid couples from the group seized the opportunity to venture even further afield, embarking on an excursion to St. Mary’s Island and Cumberland Island National Seashore. Here, amidst the rugged beauty of the coastline, they uncovered the haunting remnants of Dungeness Ruins, a silent witness to the opulence of a bygone era.

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As they retraced the paths of explorers and pioneers, the Pedaling Pelicans forged bonds that transcended mere camaraderie, weaving a tapestry of shared memories and triumphs. Their journey to Georgia’s barrier islands was not merely a physical feat but a testament to the enduring spirit of adventure that unites them as a community of cyclists, bound by a love for exploration and the open road.

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